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Medical Allowance (if any)Rs.
Conveyance Allowance (if any)Rs.
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House Rent Allowance (if any)Rs.
Bills/Receipts Submitted
Rent Receipts (for HRA)Rs.
Medical Bills (for MA)Rs.
Travel Bills (for LTA)Rs.
Investments and other deductions
U/s 80C (LIC, ELSS, PPF, Housing Loan Principal, etc.)Rs.
U/s 80CCG (RGESS)Rs.
U/s 80D (Medical Insurance Premium)Rs.
U/s 24 & 80EE (Interest on Housing Loan)Rs.
U/s 80DD (Exp on disabled dependent)Rs.
U/s 80DDB (Exp on specific diseases)Rs.
U/s 80E (Interest on educational loan)Rs.
U/s 80G (Contribution to exempt charities)Rs.
U/s 80U (Permanent disability)Rs.
U/s 80TTA (Savings account interest)Rs.
Other income (for the whole year)Rs.
Professional Tax (for the whole year)Rs.
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