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  • Shripad June 6, 20128:37 am

    Which is the best bank to open a current account for my small business?

    • Ami June 6, 201210:30 am

      ICICI if you want to go with a private bank or Bank Of India if you want public sector bank.

  • Mahesh Desai September 28, 20125:03 pm

    How does ICICI score over Kotak? Kotak are the ones who got in free ATM transactions, Netcard facility and the SMS updates are second to none.

    This blog is trending towards banking needs for S and M businesses. For a consumer, i prefer IDBI (Very friendly staff. Excellent customer service) and Kotak (very innovative, super banking experience)

    This is a good article. Very informative. Thank you very much Ami 🙂

    • Ami September 29, 20122:47 pm

      Mahesh, you are absolutely right. This post is more for businesses as we are comparing CURRENT accounts. I agree with your points on Kotak. They are comparatively smaller and hence more agile with new services.

      And thanks for your kind words 🙂

    • Sravan October 27, 20155:13 pm

      You are IDBI Bank is Friendly Bank yup its True But About service i applied 4 times for NET Banking Still Now Not got Yet. If any service means got too much delay.

  • Siddharth October 12, 201211:23 pm

    The article you posted is good in terms of the parameters to be selected. But when it came down to select which bank is good, i am still not clear as the differences mentioned are very less.
    I run an online venture, which just got registered. I need a bank where in i want to create a current account, where in my customers can transfer money. I am confused in HDFC or Axis.Please suggest with fair justifications of Pros and Cons.

    • Praveen kumar January 28, 20134:13 pm

      Very good article. thanks for writing. I am planning to start an online venture. My business will need frequent transfer of money to various other stakeholders. In addition to those factors you discussed in the post, which bank’s net banking do you think is quick, easy and reliable for this purpose?

      • Naimisha January 28, 20134:16 pm

        Praveen, online transfers are quick and easy with all bank accounts. Just that some banks charge for online transfer while some don’t. Bank of India does not charge while ICICI, HDFC, etc. do.

  • Rajendra Reddy November 9, 20126:30 pm

    Which is best bank for online banking with less charges

    • Naimisha November 11, 20125:40 pm

      My choice is Bank of India

  • Abhishek April 18, 201311:00 am

    hi naimisha I know uve not included Axis bank while writing the article. but did u have any chance later on to review it cos my friend has an Axis current account n he is happy so m stuck between axis, icici n bank of india. and being a small business owner charges really matter a lot. so I want a suggestion based on minimum account balance, charges, transfer facilities and then other facilities which would make life easier.

    • Naimisha April 18, 201311:49 am

      Bank of India is the best based on all the parameters you are considering.

      • Vivek October 18, 201312:07 pm

        My experience with BOI is a bit frustrating in the sense of time delay in service. You recieve atm card after a month if your are not in the prime cities.
        So it also depends on Location.
        For online banking ICICI is the best.
        This game is about Services and Benefits.

        • Naimisha October 18, 20134:25 pm

          I agree with your point on Services and Benefits.

          Thanks for sharing Vivek 🙂

  • Syam Prakash October 24, 20138:22 pm

    Hi Naimisha,

    I don’t think ICICI will be the right choice in terms of Current Accounts. Please have a look at this link.


  • Rakesh November 1, 201311:47 am

    I’ve one current account with HDFC and I was planning to open another one with any other bank and your article and its comments really helped me to choose ICICI as in my next banking partner.

  • sumit mangla March 4, 20149:13 pm

    as i want to shift my cc account from canara bank to ing vasaya bank.
    as per ing representtive i come to knw that me paying for some services i.e free cheques, free d.d as compared to canara… but i m confused abt new ing vasay bank. is it right decision to changew

    • Naimisha March 23, 20141:06 pm

      You will find some really helpful services from private sector banks. Though you have to check the charges for the same. I would anyday prefer ING Vysya over Canara bank.

  • Ravikumar June 20, 20158:22 am


    I am newly starting pvt ltd so I want loan for working capital
    which is the best bank?

    • Naimisha Parekh June 22, 201512:03 pm

      Hello Ravi,

      My personal experience has been that private banks would ask for more collateral and paper work as compared to a nationalised bank like SBI or Bank Of India.

      Branch managers in nationalised banks seem to have more power in approving loans. If you have a good rapport with the BM, your work tends to get easier. And I am not suggesting any illegal way of getting the loan. If the BM truly believes in you and your business, he will approve.

  • tushat October 30, 201512:05 pm

    which is best bank to open current account.

  • chandrashekhar January 11, 20179:33 pm

    which one is affortebal for small business

  • dinky August 1, 20173:36 pm

    Where we are going towards being cashless….HDFC charges for RTGS and NEFT payment while ICICI allows it for free. So ICICI definitely wins big time on it.


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