Best Demat Account Providers In India

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Best demat account in India

More often than not, investing in stocks pays off handsomely. The idea is to think smart and invest wisely. You can either follow the herd or take some calculated risk and invest in shares that have a high resale value. However, without a proper demat account, you will find your stock trading experience a little cumbersome. We help you select the best demat account provider in India.

What is a Demat account?

Demat is the shorter version of dematerialized account. A demat account is mandatory for a person who deals in shares and other stock market activities. This mandate comes from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). It is very different from your normal bank account and is used for the sole purpose of buying and selling of shares. The depository and depository participant are two important features of a demat account.

The depository is basically a provider of facility when it comes to holding securities in electronic form. In other words, it is just like the bank holding your money for you. In this case, the depository holds your shares, debentures, bonds etc. On the other hand, a depository participant is an agent hired by the depository to handle the demat account and other institutional Β participants like share brokers, financial institutions and banks.

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How to open a demat account?

When it comes to opening a demat account, it should be noted that as a depository, you are not permitted to open one without a depository participant. However, you can open any number of demat accounts as per your choice or based on the quality of services offered. A demat account in the name of joint holders is also possible. This is restricted to three holders. i.e. Main holder and two joint holders.

In case of a minor, you are eligible to open a demat account. However, the account should be operated by a guardian until the minor turns major. The father, mother or both can legally operate the demat account in the name of the minor. It should also be noted that the minor cannot be a joint account holder.

Operating a demat account online

Always enable online transactions when it comes to a demat account. This will not only allow you to access your account from anywhere but will also enable you to transact in stocks and shares listed on the stock exchange (Bombay Stock Exchange or National Stock Exchange). You simply have to login and start trading.


Comparison of various demat account providers in India (2012)


Account Opening Charges (AOC)

Annual Maintenance Charge



Angel Broking

Rs. 390/-

Rs. 300/-

First Year free

30p Intra day

60pΒ Delivery

— N.A —

HDFC Securities

Rs. 799/-

Rs. 825/-

0.5% transaction value (Direct)

0.05% transaction value (Intra Day)


ICICI Direct

Rs. 975/-

Rs. 500/- (Paper/Email statements)

0.55% Delivery

0.05% Intra Day

— N.A —


Rs. 900/-

Rs. 450/-

50p Delivery

5p Intra Day

— N.A —

Kotak Securities

Rs. 750/-

Rs. 500/-

First Year free

59p Delivery

6p Intra Day




Reliance Money

Rs. 950/-

Rs. 190/-

First Year free

1p Delivery (Offline)

1p Intra Day


— N.A —


Rs. 500/-

Rs. 386/-

75p Delivery

5p Intra Day


The table above compares the service charges and fees charged by various demat account providers when it comes to opening and maintaining a demat account. I have listed the ones that I could check. If you have experienced any demat account provider which is not listed above, please share the charges in the comments so that everyone can benefit.

So, which is the best demat account provider in India?

When it comes to costs, I would recommend India Bulls. The account opening charges might be higher than the rest but in the long run it turns out to be cheaper due to the free maintenance offered. However, when it comes to usability and quality service, Angel Broking would be my first choice. Make sure you carry your PAN card and a residence proof while opening a demat account. Happy Trading!

Do tell me which demat account you think is the best, in terms of cost and service, in the comments below.

Do share this blog with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (buttons given below) if you have found it helpful. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

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124 Responses to “Best Demat Account Providers In India”

  • Priyesh September 10, 201211:41 am

    I personally like ICICI Direct as all 3 of my accounts saving, trading and demat are together there. Zero hassles.

    Thanks for sharing the information Ami!

    • Ami September 10, 201211:44 am

      Thanks Priyesh. ICICI is convenient but slightly on the expensive side. With others, you can negotiate and bring down the charges.

      • sk December 13, 20123:06 pm

        plz let me know the best account in terms of services, urgently

    • Ashley January 8, 20141:46 pm

      I want to open a demant account in sbi is it a good optoin

      • Naimisha January 8, 20145:58 pm


      • Krishna Kumar June 23, 201511:54 am


        • Naimisha Parekh June 23, 201512:06 pm

          Hello Krishna, thanks for contributing. Can you please elaborate on your reason for not recommending SBI?

  • Vipul October 1, 20124:44 pm

    Thanks for the detailed comparison. really helpful…

    • Ami October 1, 20124:47 pm


  • Puru October 5, 201210:58 am

    How about sharekhan ??

  • Abhijeet October 5, 20127:58 pm

    I am new to trading. Could you advise what does the 30P delivery charge imply. Is it per rupee or flat immaterial of the value of the transaction and would that work out cheaper than those on percentage like 0.5%?

    • Naimisha October 14, 20124:49 pm

      30P is per rupee meaning 0.3%

      • Yog December 9, 201210:08 am


        I read ur article it will help to go forward. I am new in this field so can u explain about Intra day,Delivery,transaction term, what is it mean?


        • Naimisha December 9, 20128:45 pm

          Your question is vast, something which cannot be explained in a comment. I may write an article on it someday but till then, you’ll need to google it or speak with an experienced equity investor.

      • sudhanshu shekhar jha May 23, 20138:27 am

        hi naimisha. how could one say icici direct is more expensive than angel broking.the delivery charges for the former is 55p and for latter is 60p.intra day charges for icici is 5p and a.b. is 30p. i want to open an demat a/c with icici direct. pls suggest….

        • Naimisha May 23, 201311:19 am

          Hey Shekhar, the pricing that you get depends on your trading volume. You need to negotiate for better rates. There are no rack rates. ICICI may not negotitate but Angel certainly will.

          • sudhanshu shekhar jha May 24, 201312:38 am

            thank u naimisha. i am a novice in this field.thank you for ur valuable suggestion….

    • manik September 25, 20136:37 pm

      Always prefer discounted broker services advantage is lesser brokerige. For example SAS Online offers 9 per transaction wise. So for buy any sell it is 9+9+15=33 means 16.5 paisa on worst senario which compares to others 25p,30p, 50p. If you trade more than 10000 then you find huge difference on brokerige. Exp: for 20k buy and sell 40k will be turnover so if brokerige is 30 p then you need pay 120rs if you opt discounted broker then it will be 33 only.

      Have a nice trading.

      • Naimisha September 25, 20136:39 pm

        Thanks for sharing Manik πŸ™‚

  • Mark October 5, 20129:15 pm

    Thanks Namisha, nice comparisons…but wat abt sbi? i mean i have read a few posts abt the service being very bad….ur comments on the same plz…

    • Naimisha October 14, 20124:48 pm

      Sorry, haven’t had any experience with SBI and hence difficult for me to comment.

  • Paul October 12, 20129:41 am

    Indiabulls is not free for life – They are charging Rs.450 per year

    • Naimisha November 15, 201210:21 am

      Thanks for the information Paul. I have updated the post πŸ™‚

  • SIDDHARTH November 13, 201210:39 pm

    can i open sbi demat a/c and reliance maone trading a/c? or i have to open both the a/c by same service provider?

    • Naimisha November 14, 201210:18 am

      Yes, you can. However, it is advisable to have both the trading and demat accounts with the same company. The transaction processing is much more faster and convenient.

      • RAVINDER KUMAR September 22, 20137:43 am

        Yes Dear, u can open as many account as u want, there is no problem.

  • kalyani kahali November 14, 201211:57 pm

    You made a mistake about D’mat charges in Kotak securities.They charge Rs.500/- & not Rs.50/-as mentioned by you.Service is not that good & now & then they jack up prices.Their trading software is definitely bad & there’s delayed transmission.they maintain only one phone & it’s dificult to get them.CCOs are very rude & are a bunch of uneducated boys & girls who don’t understand what they are dealing.Trading charges are abnormally high & there’s lot of hidden charges .They talk big,but useless like ‘if it croses 50,then it will be 55.Once it’s over 55,it will be 60 ‘,etc. Better choose a pub.sector bank.

    • Naimisha November 15, 201210:13 am

      Thanks for pointing out the error Kalyani. The post has been updated.

      You have mentioned about hidden charges. Can you please elaborate so that fellow readers also know about it?

  • karthik November 22, 201210:42 am

    which is the best demat a/c?

    • Naimisha November 22, 201210:57 am

      Angel Broking is my choice.

      • karthik November 22, 201211:39 pm brokerage charge-30p ok.but intraday-60p? any hidden charges? because iam not an experience man.pls guide to me.

        • Naimisha November 22, 201211:45 pm

          1. Corrected. Thanks!
          2. You don’t need to be experienced. All you have to do is ensure that you read before you sign.

          • sahil November 26, 201210:44 pm

            which has the good representatives which can give us best advice for trading

            • Naimisha November 27, 201210:14 am

              Sahil, you should look at customer service and not advice for trading. All the representatives that these brokerages have will never be able to give you the kind of advice that you can give yourself. I suggest, rely only on your own research whatever your style, fundamental or technical. Nobody can care about your money as much as you can do. Others can only help.

              • sahil November 30, 20126:08 pm

                hey can you tell me how to do a research for a particular company,what things to look for and what are most important things too look before buying any shares of any firm.Also for IPO how to research for it since the information about the company is quiet limited.

    • RAVINDER KUMAR September 22, 20137:44 am

      Never choose Axis bank, they provide 3rd class services.

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  • PANKAJ November 30, 20124:39 pm


  • Priya Ranjan Prakash December 9, 20121:54 am

    Once again, its your article where My search came to some conclusion, lol..
    Good work…, you are appearing in these google searches…..kudos ^_^

    I am going to get a demat a/c from my savings a/c provider HDFC. But today i came to know about one site for MF trading, they r also providing DEMAT..
    So, now I am thinking of considering these non-bank providers also.

    I know, I need some more research, but if you can put your perception also, as usual, it will be helpful …:P πŸ™‚

    • Naimisha December 9, 20126:38 am

      Good to see you back with us πŸ™‚

      If I were you, I would open my demat account with HDFC and not fundsindia.

      • Priya Ranjan Prakash December 9, 20124:57 pm

        Thanks Naimisha once again for ur valuable time and suggestion, will look into it gwith more details, and most probably will do the same with what u suggested. \m/

      • Rahaman August 23, 20139:46 pm

        Hi..can you please guide me why you would have preferred HDFC over FundsIndia. Recently I opened ac count in FundsIndia for MF transaction & apparently it looks easier if you have DMAT a/c also from same vendor. Isn’t it or am i missing any context here?

  • himanshu December 11, 20122:29 pm

    wat about sharekhan ??
    kindly enlight

    • Naimisha December 11, 20123:56 pm

      Sharekhan is also nice. But my choice is Angel

      • Rahul December 20, 20121:20 pm

        what about zerodha??
        minimum brokerage charge…

        • Naimisha December 25, 20124:30 pm

          I am unaware about zerodha

      • pradeep December 23, 201210:37 pm

        hii Naimisha
        are you know about IndiaInfoline.

        • Naimisha December 25, 20124:24 pm

          Indiainfoline is also good. You may go for it.

  • SP January 1, 201312:02 pm

    I have found your articles quite informative. Thanks for sharing and will be looking to reading more on tax-planning, stock investing and other financial/investing blogs of yours.

    I had a query on this blog ( and the other one which talks about trading account (

    What is the difference between the Demat Brokerage charges (e.g., from your blog, for Kotak Securities, it is mentioned as 59 paise Delivery, 6 paise Intraday) and Intraday or Delivery Buy/Sell (e.g., for Kotak Securities, you cited it as 0.49%) for Trading Account.

    I have heard about the brokerage charges (former) but am not aware of any other charge towards trading – hence this query.

    Thanks in advance !

    • Naimisha January 1, 20132:40 pm

      There are two kind of charges:
      1. Brokerage charges: Intraday buy/sell, delivery buy/sell, etc
      2. Demat charges: Every time securities move into or move out of demat account, you may be charged. Besides, there are annual maintenance charges for your demat account.

  • devraj January 2, 20134:15 pm

    i want open a demat and trading account

  • devraj January 2, 20134:46 pm

    looking for dmat account

  • vimal January 5, 201310:09 am

    if u r searching for a better demat accnt then go for IIFL….here there trading sftwre is very good….u can do both offlne nd online tradng easily….commnts plzzz

    • Naimisha January 7, 201310:34 am

      I agree that IIFL has one of the best online trading software in the business.

  • Rishi January 22, 20131:59 pm

    Sorry for Spelling Mistake

    Hi Naimisha
    I m rishi,
    I have demate account in ICICI Bank,
    I m planning to change demate account as ICICI is expensive
    pls suggest the best & cheapest service provider

    I m beginner in trading,
    my 99% transactions are delivery
    my req. is online trading, online fund transfer, (I m not interested in trading on phone)

    • Naimisha January 22, 20133:48 pm

      Angel Broking or Sharekhan

    • Murali Kanth February 17, 20145:24 pm


  • Rishi January 23, 20132:31 pm

    Thanks for ur suggestion
    Can u pls give me Fees & Charges detail of Angel & Sharekhan

    I m not able to find it on their site

    • Naimisha January 23, 20137:01 pm

      Fees for Angel Broking is given above.

  • Pavan February 24, 201311:23 am

    Hi Naimisha I am new to share market. Could you please tell me few articles / books etc. to read before starting investments?

  • Johnson Thomas March 4, 20139:03 am

    Iam new to demat and trading account.
    Can you tell me the difference between demat and trading account ?
    If i open a demat account with Angel Brokerage, do I have to link it with another bank account for credit/debit of money used for demat purposes ??

    • Naimisha March 6, 201310:34 am

      Demat account shows all your owned shares in electronic form. Online trading account is where you can buy & sell shares/futures/options online. You should link your bank account with the above accounts for ease in direct debit/credit.

  • Sahil March 9, 20137:31 pm

    From the data available above, can it be concluded that angel broking is best for demat a/c as all their charges are on the lower side??
    Also do we have to see the reputation , quality of the demat a/c providers and why??
    Thank You

    • Naimisha March 10, 201311:23 am

      Sir, you need to look at all the aspects of the service provider and not just the charges. To answer why, think of a situation where the demat provider charges you the lowest fee but takes more than a month to respond to any request submitted by you?

      I hope this Mam has answered your question Sir πŸ˜‰

  • Ramya March 14, 201310:58 pm

    Hi Naimisha,

    I am new to this demat acc. stuff. I want to invest in this rajeev gandhi equity fund and they have said open a demat account, as per your experience which one is the best from all ends. It would be helpful if you advice on this. Can i open it by myself online?? and what is this 1p delivery and 1p intra day.

    Thannk You πŸ™‚

    • Naimisha March 15, 201310:44 am

      Ramya, for novices like you πŸ˜‰ , Mutual funds have launched RGESS schemes. You can invest in them without opening a demat account and still claiming a tax benefit πŸ™‚

      Some schemes you may consider are:

        DSP BlackRock RGESS Fund
        UTI Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme
        LIC Nomura MF RGESS Series 1
      • RAVINDER KUMAR September 22, 20137:46 am

        No you can not purchase Rajiv Gandhi ESS without without demat account.

  • Sidharth April 4, 20136:50 pm

    Any idea about Axis bank??

    • Naimisha April 4, 20138:37 pm

      I have not experienced Axis bank. Does anyone trade with Axis bank? Please share your experience.

    • RAVINDER KUMAR September 22, 20137:47 am

      Never choose AXIS bank. Their services are very very very very very third class.

  • aravind April 25, 20133:42 pm

    i used angel,stopped their service,applied for icici withdrawed,now i am satisfied with sbi ,but shifted to indian bank as they offer the cheapest maintenace and other costs.i have good service from sbi ,canara bank and indian any complaint can be lodged ,and if any complain is not addressed there are options of higher offices where u can complaint.other thing which i love the best is with one standing instruction amount in my trading account such as divident can be moved to bank nice.some of my bank deposits are rising due to interest and divident.that with minimum time spending.

    • Naimisha April 25, 20136:10 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience Aravind! I am sure all the readers will benefit from your experience. πŸ™‚

  • Zameer May 17, 201310:40 am

    Naimisha you are awesome in replying all the queries..!!!

    • Naimisha May 17, 201312:15 pm

      And you are awesome in complementing me!! πŸ˜€

  • Zameer May 17, 201310:45 am


    You said this is best to have Demat and your trading account with same banker, and on other hand you suggest Angel Broking is best as per your experience, I have my saving account with ICICI Bank, what about the combination of Angel + ICICI? Any suggestions.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable response.

    Chartered Accountant

    • Naimisha May 17, 201311:51 am

      It is always more convenient to have all your 3 accounts with the same vendor. However, if you feel that a broker is giving awesome service but he is not a bank and hence cannot offer a savings account, you should link your existing savings account with this broker’s trading and demat accounts.

      Angel+ICICI is a good combination!

  • Jahan May 25, 20136:25 am

    Wonderful work done by you, Namisha and others as well for making this really informative. My query is I already have trading account and Demat account with HDFC. My only issue is that this bank does not allow me to buy scripts below 2.50 Rs so what should I if I want to buy such scripts ? any suggestions ?

    • Naimisha May 25, 201311:41 am

      Thanks Jahan!! All credit to my wonderful and helpful readers πŸ™‚

      To your question, I would look at some other broker who will allow me to buy scrips below Rs. 2.50.

  • Sidharth May 27, 201311:37 pm

    What is your outlook regarding canara bank and indian bank???

    • Naimisha May 28, 201310:23 am

      I don’t give stock calls πŸ™‚

      • Sidharth May 28, 20133:17 pm

        I was asking about Demat account in these banks

        • Naimisha June 1, 201312:15 pm

          oh so sorry..

          I am not aware about the quality and rates of demat offerings of these banks.

          • sachin June 8, 20133:16 pm

            I want to open a Demat account. I intend buying shares for long term and also mutual funds. Some times i may do intra day trading. Which company is better?? Some body told me that VENTURA is cheapest???Adice plz

            • Naimisha June 9, 20132:50 pm

              I have no personal experience with Ventura. Probably, you can tell guide us with your experience once you open your account with them πŸ™‚

  • sandesh August 2, 20132:55 pm

    Great work namisha…got to know alot as a novoice…Thanks
    Can u help me in suggesting about Syndicate bank’s demat account charges & services…
    I tried googling it …dint help.
    expecting it from you…Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Naimisha August 3, 20135:22 pm

      Thank you for the appreciation, Sandesh!

      Unfortunately, I have no idea about demat services of Syndicate bank. I’d suggest, you look for a more established market player from amongst the ones listed above. You can expect professional service and good rates from them πŸ™‚

      • robin August 19, 201311:43 am

        hv u ever heard about mastertrust…..this is also a broker..n they are providing good brokerage charges compare to other brokerage houses…they are not taking any account opening charges and annual maintenance charges….they take 2p on 100 rs…it is two paisa not 20 paisa on every 100rs…..mastertrust is also listed in bse for last 25 years…..this is the only broker who has ats(automated trading system)…services are good….

  • sahul August 18, 20132:32 pm


    How about axis direct..?

    • Sidharth August 19, 201311:27 pm

      Axisdirect has very high charges and very poor service. Many times the brokerage deducted is exorbitant and arbitrary.

      • Naimisha August 20, 201310:05 am

        Thank you Sidharth for answering the question πŸ™‚

        • Sidharth August 27, 20131:41 pm

          And Thank You Naimisha for complimenting me

  • Shashi August 18, 201311:22 pm

    i am planning to open demat account in IDBI bank. any suggestions

  • Sakhti August 27, 20137:58 am

    Good work. keep it up..

  • Jatin September 21, 20135:41 pm

    Hi Naimisha,

    I had a word with Angel broking, they were giving me the following price for trading and demat account:
    Annual – 300 (1st yr free)
    Account opening – Free
    Brokerage – 30p
    Intra-day – 3p

    But after negotiations, he agreed on
    Brokerge – 15p
    Intraday – 1.5p

    Start with 25k transfer to demat a/c from saving a/c


    I might be investing 5-8k per month, is this the best price or should I also check with others like Share Khan etc.

    I don’t want to get into annual fees/hidden costs etc. Newbie, so don’t wanna waster more than what I earn!

    • Naimisha September 22, 20137:21 pm

      Looks like a good deal. Go for it!

      • Jatin September 22, 20137:28 pm

        I have changed my mind.

        Heard a lot of bad reviews about Angel Broking. Just google “Angel Broking complaints” and it seems they have cheated a lot of people.

        After couple of days research, I am going with either Zerodha/Ventura/RSKV.

        Heard a lot good things about these 3.


  • akshay September 24, 201311:38 am

    hi, I have an account in Citibank, can I go for demat account with them? if no which demat account you suggest?

    • Naimisha September 24, 20134:18 pm

      Its also advisable to have demat account with the same bank where you have your savings account. Citibank demat service is good.

  • varun October 5, 20133:22 pm

    Hello Namita,
    I am having HDFC demat account from past 2 yrs and sometimes doing trading but really cant imagine big profit in short term investment. I mean apart form buy/sell charges there are so many other charges which’ll reduce your profit. So I feel HDFC,ICICI and all others are good but can some one tell which demat account charge less in intraday/Cash and carry option ??? and we can link HDFC + SharKhan ?

    • Naimisha October 5, 20133:34 pm

      I agree with you Varun. All demat accounts charge almost similar fees. Though, some do not charge annual maintenance.

      And yes, you can link your HDFC demat to your Sharekhan trading account.

      • ramesh October 16, 201311:21 pm

        Hi Naimisha,

        Thanks for the great article. Great work has done by you.
        iam new to investing in stocks but got lot of information through your article and replays. I have some doubts. How many investor types are there.? Can i invest whenever i want after getting demat and trading accounts ?


        • Naimisha October 17, 201310:53 am

          Yes Ramesh, you can invest whenever you want but your actual transaction will actually happen only during market hours.

          And thanks for the complement πŸ™‚

  • deep November 17, 201311:56 am

    i m new in this demat world, seems just got out of the egg.
    ur above conversation about demat, online trading and charges like intraday, brokege etc boosted my brain.
    just wanted 2 know about motilal oswal ???
    is it good 2 start with them???

    • Naimisha November 26, 20131:07 pm

      You can go with Motilal Oswal.

  • Karan agarwal November 23, 20137:19 am


    You did not mention SHCIL? Am i missing something?

    • Naimisha November 26, 20131:09 pm

      There are a lot of brokers operating in India and is difficult to cover all of them. I have covered the ones I have experienced personally.

      Hence, nothing against SHCIL. Why don’t you share your experience with them, Karan?

  • Sagar November 26, 20139:15 am

    I use India Infoline and I think it is pretty good. The only setback is you get leverage only if you have a minimum balance of 1 lakh.

  • Ajay December 2, 201312:38 pm

    Hi Namisha,

    I have read all your answers and they are really informative.

    Namisha is there a deemat account where I can buy & sell shares without brokers? and Can I buy any shares or bonds without a deemat account?


    • Naimisha December 2, 20133:32 pm

      You need to go through a broker to buy & sell shares on stock exchanges. These days, you will hardly find any company issuing physical shares. Hence, demat account is a must.

  • Nitin January 31, 20149:14 am

    Hi Nimisha,

    I must say excellent article. I’ve done some work on demat account service provider in inida and came to know that Sharekhan,Angel broking and Indiabulls etc have bad record in unauthentic selling of shares which cause to high money lose. If such kind of issue occurs then there is no meaning to open demat account in india.

    Can you suggest some provider who provides really good service in terms of security and trust?. I am ok if there is bit high cost for trading because I’m not going trading frequently.

    I am looking forward to your positive and helpful reply on this asap.


    • Naimisha January 31, 201410:47 am

      Thanks Nitin!

      You can look at 3-in-1 offerings of ICICI or Kotak. A little high priced but lots of convenience, security and trust.

      • Nitin February 14, 201412:59 pm


        Thanks for replay and i really appreciates your kind support. As you said, ICICI and Kotak are good in terms of Security and trust but ICICIC has stopped foreign stock investment facility recently. Is there any good service provider in india for purchasing of foreign stocks?

        Eagerly Waiting for your reply on this…:)

        Nitin Piparva.

        • Naimisha February 20, 20143:53 pm

          Not sure Nitin. Can anyone help Nitin with his query?

  • Hi February 10, 201410:49 am

    Hi Nimisha

    Can you give some details about IDBI Demat account…

    opening chargers 700 annual charger 350..
    but charger 0.50% for below 2 lakh…

    • Naimisha February 10, 201411:31 am

      Go ahead. Can’t see any reason not to πŸ™‚

  • Capital Gain February 11, 20141:44 pm

    Hi Naimisha,

    Several questions. Here goes:

    1. What is this normal, 2-in-1, 3-in-1 account etc.? What’s the difference?
    2. Is it that with some service providers, we can trade on mobile phones and with some we can’t? If yes, which ones allow mobile transactions?
    3. Do all service providers offer all kind of trading (spot, future, swap, option, commodity, currency etc.) in all accounts? If no, which ones do?


    • Naimisha February 20, 20143:50 pm

      1. 2-in-1 is a trading+demat account. In 3-in-1, you get savings account also added.
      2. Yes, some service providers do allow trading on mobile platform. I know Indiainfoline allows it. Not sure of others
      3. Not everyone will offer everything. But most large brokerages provide these.

  • nikhil July 2, 20148:37 pm

    Hi Naimisha

    I am new to stoxk market and looking for a demat as well as trading account which can give me the best service.
    I have gone through all the above suggestions and is actually confused.
    Please tell me the best option to go with.
    How would be ICICI or shall i go with some other.

    • Naimisha Parekh July 3, 20147:19 pm

      ICICI is good but a little expensive. Try Angel or Sharekhan.

  • P.C.BARUA April 19, 201511:54 am

    Now is April 2015. Most comments are old. Can a knowledgeable persnon furnish a comparison of top 10 DPs in India valid as on date covering current charges on AMC and brokerages ? I think no one charges an account opening fee now.

  • ANANT KUMAR August 29, 20159:13 pm

    actually,i have done many investment through mutual funds in equity and tax saver (elss) fund before.
    Never done direct trading with demat a/c, no demat a/c in my name.
    Can i called new direct investor………..under Rajiv gandhi equity saving scheme?
    Can i get an addition tax benefit of 50,000/- deduction by direct trading…..?
    Can anybody reply………………?

    • Naimisha Parekh August 31, 201510:56 am

      Yes Anant, you can open a demat account and claim the amount that you invest in shares upto 50k.


124 Responses to "Best Demat Account Providers In India"