Articles on "Why"

Articles explaining Why should we do certain things differently and what are the benefits of doing them that way.


Why you won’t miss bargaining while shopping online

Bargaining for discount It is not secret that Indians love to bargain. Some of the most popular shopping arcades around the country are those where shoppers can haggle with sellers and bring prices down to ensure buyer satisfaction. Discounts, coupons and offers elevate our love for shopping. Today the three magic words every girl wants to hear need not necessarily be ‘I ... more ››

Why shop online for Kids’ Clothes?

Kids shopping We bet you clearly remember your last shopping escapade for your little one’s clothes. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago and you can already see signs of the purchased attire bursting at the seams?  Yeah, seem like you’ll have to make another trip to the mall soon again. :| They are adorable little things, our children. However, it reaches a point ... more ››