How to Book Flight Tickets Online

All of us have, at some point in time or the other, planned meticulously for that perfect trip. Be it for business or for leisure, travelling has become an integral part of our daily lives. With global businesses and interconnected lives, the frequency with which we travel must have put even Alexander’s army in their prime at shame. But for all those globe trotters who travel frequently the herculean challenge of arranging for confirmed tickets is no surprise. So it’s time to move beyond blood sucking travel agents and long queues and act as your own travel agent!!

Sounds absurd??- Here are a few simple ways you can book flight tickets online and beat the queues in front of ticket offices and tantrums of snooty agents (It saves time too!!)

Mentioned below are the names of a few websites through which you can book flight tickets online:

These are a few websites through which tickets can be booked easily as per your convenience. You also have the option of booking tickets from the individual websites of the concerned airlines like Jet, Indigo etc.

The process is fairly simple. Log on to the website>Select your particulars (Date, City, No of Passengers etc.)> Select the flight you feel most appropriate as per your budget and convenience from the list provided > Make Payment( Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, ATM Card etc.) and you are done! You would have successfully booked your tickets all in a matter of 10-15 minutes (depends on your net speed though!!)

However remember not to “Refresh” the page in between the booking or the payment process as it might lead to anomalies in the transaction, so be patient and if anything goes wrong go back and repeat the process again.

It’s simple; it’s easy and saves both time and effort. When you can do something from your Boardroom or your Bedroom why sweat it out in the heat and put up with procedural red tape!

Get smart, use online booking, and make life easy. When there are so many things to take care of you really don’t want to fret over booking tickets. Do you??


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      Hemant, you just need to sign up with some site like and they will guide you through the rest.


4 Responses to "How to Book Flight Tickets Online"