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Engagement Ring

Women love to flaunt their rings, especially when it comes to diamond jewellery. Before the big day, every woman imagines her beautiful fingers adorned with a lovely engagement ring. For all those men who want to surprise their lady with the most stunning engagement ring, well you have arrived at the right article. Remember, this ring is going to be worn by your beloved for the rest of her life, so leave no effort to make it special. It is said that an engagement ring says a lot about your personality. Let’s know how:

Round (HOF) Shape diamond: This shape says that she is classic and romantic. She is not only confident and sophisticated, but has a quiet air of elegance.
Square (Dream) Shape diamond: This shape reveals that she is fashion-forward. She is not only fun, but she is fearless and idealistic with a passionate love for life.

Solitaire: This design says that your lady is classic and simple. Her love is clear like the diamond dazzle. She is a good planner for her perfect wedding.
Halo: This design reveals that your lady is a trend setter. She loves to turn others to her for fashion updates.
Three-stone: Your lady is a super edgy, fun person. She is oh-so-confident and knows to set a style statement.
Side-stone: She loves to display her personality with understated elegance. She is much more than traditional, she is classic and romantic.
Pave: This design adorns the sophisticated lady with much needed charm. She loves detail, shine and quality in her look.

Important points to take care of while buying the ring
Remember to make the right choice
It is important for the man to make the perfect purchase while buying the engagement ring. The shape and the design of the diamond play an important role while purchasing and also reveals a lot about your lady’s personality.

Determine Your Budget
You need to set a well-planned budget before taking the step to buy an expensive gift, like diamonds. Do not fall for sneaky tricks played by sales persons, as it does not depend on how much you spend but how wisely you spend.

Pay Attention
Look carefully and study the jewellery choices of your lady. Is it gold or silver, chunky or minimalist? Buy her something that she will like and will wear, rather than getting her something unusual just because of the price tag.

Choose the Stone and Setting
Do remember to go through the four C’s of diamond buying. Know what your lady likes when it comes to shapes – round, pear or marquis. When it comes to setting, see if she likes the simple filigree pattern or extra side stones or a classy solitaire setting.

Shop with a buddy
If you plan to surprise your beloved with a wedding proposal with an engagement ring, then it’s a great option to consult friends and family before buying diamond jewellery. A friend who knows the in’s and out’s of jewellery is the perfect companion for this shopping brigade.

Take your lady along
Many couples opt for this. The surprise element will be lost, but she will definitely love what she wears because she chose it, herself!

Buying diamond jewellery online from the comfort of your home is a smart option for everyone. The online portals offer you huge discounts on jewellery purchases. You can visit Gerald Online that presents you with exquisite jewellery options to choose from, along with exciting prices.
The fact remains that no matter what style of ring your lady love wears, if the ring fits her well and if she loves the way it looks and feels – it is a HIT! And, men that makes it the perfect ring!

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