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Kissing is an art that most of us would love to master. It is a wonderful way to establish or build a relationship with your special someone. Though most of us are not born good kissers, we can always learn through trial and error. You know what, we should thank historian Ernest Crawley who studied the origins of a kiss way back in the twentieth century, guess he had a lot of free time!!

It can be an amazing experience, but also a hard thing to do until you get comfortable. While nothing can fully prepare you for a kiss, these tips will certainly help you understand the process of kissing better.

Remember, the kiss you share with someone should be unique as your relationship with that person. So, follow your instincts and use the following as a rough guideline.

How to kiss

How to kiss

  • Keep your head tilted, and your eyes in a soft deep gaze. Establish some light physical contact. Do not grope.
  • Remember, hand placement is very important. A gentle touch to the back of the neck, the shoulders or your partners head can make this experience all the more beautiful and intense.
  • Lean in slowly and meet your partner halfway. Tilt your head to one side as you lean in. This is very important in a kiss–otherwise you’ll bump noses! Also, now is a good time to lick your lips if they aren’t already moist.
  • Begin to pucker the lips by bringing them together, pushing them out. Keep leaning in, remembering to tilt your head until you make contact with your partner’s lips.
  • Part your lips, but don’t open your mouth like you’re going to eat something. This is done at the last second before your lips meet.
  • Open your mouth a little more as your lips meet. You can press a little harder, but not too hard! Remember to keep it sensual and not erotic (at least not the first time).
  • You can choose to move your head slightly side to side as you slowly kiss them again and again. Remember to go slow and soak in the passion of this kiss!
  • To end the kiss, gently lighten the pressure of your lips and relax. But ensure your still softly holding onto their body.
  • If this is your first kiss, you don’t want it to be too long, but you also don’t want it to end soon either. Keeping it short and sensual will keep your partner coming back for more.

The post-kiss phase is as good the pre-kiss state, but more warm and beautiful. If you enjoyed the experience, let your partner know by telling them or by simply giving them a warm hug. If it was a bad kiss, you can try to make changes and give the kiss another go.

Kissing do’s and don’ts

Most of us know it, some of us don’t, and some just completely forget! Keep the following points in mind to avoid a disastrous kiss.

  1. No matter how much you’re tempted, avoid sticking your tongue in your partner’s mouth or using too much of it. It can be really annoying!
  2. Moisten your lips slightly before kissing. If you can’t reach for a chapstick, use your tongue. Dry and cracked lips can be a turn off.
  3. Wandering hands at the wrong places is a no-no. It creates the impression that the guy has only one thing on his mind and it is so not romantic.
  4. Dress in comfortable clothes, because if your pants are too tight…then your excitement will be amply visible. Teemper has some good articles for guys.
  5. Too much saliva in your mouth can ruin a kiss. Please do not slobber like a dog.
  6. Importance of fresh breath cannot be emphasized enough. Brush your teeth before kissing or chew some mint flavoured gum for fresh breath.
  7. Nobody likes to kiss an ashtray! Avoid kissing your partner right after you’ve enjoyed a nicotine rush.
  8. Smelling fresh garlic or tasting a chewed chicken from your partner’s mouth can be repulsive. So, don’t do it to them either. Strictly follow point no 5.
  9. The more relaxed you are, the more you will be able to enjoy the kiss. It’s normal to feel a little bit nervous before kissing someone, especially when it is your first kiss. Just try your best to relax.

Hopefully, your kiss will be the first of many such beautiful moments. If done correctly, we’re sure the twinkle in your eyes and the rush of adrenalin would make you feel like you’re on top of the world! 🙂

I invite all the experienced kissers to share the tips that have worked for them.

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30 Responses to “How to kiss”

  • Shruti Rane September 29, 20122:00 pm

    Very helpful 😉

    • Guest September 29, 20123:02 pm


  • Amit September 29, 20122:36 pm

    Hey Dimple, thanks for sharing. Really helpful.

    Just one query, what do you mean by a french kiss?

    • Guest September 29, 20123:07 pm

      hey amit, i understand uve never kissed before 🙂 when u do, im sure its gonna be more or less a “french kiss”, that’s what most ppl understand by tongue action.but if u really have the time to learn more about it, google search is where u shud be ideally pasting that question. Cheers 🙂

  • Amit September 29, 20123:25 pm

    so waht i understand from your reply is french kiss is the kiss that you have explained in your post above. am i right?

    By the way, how did you make out that i have never kissed before? Do i sound like an amateur?

  • Rahul September 29, 20123:53 pm

    Hey great in-depth explanation…Thankss

    • Guest September 29, 20127:43 pm

      Hello Rahul, thanks : )

  • Guest September 29, 20123:54 pm

    dear amit…when it comes to kissing (and many other things in life)..we’ve all been amateurs : ) If you’ve actually never kissed before…im really hoping it should turn out to be a beautiful experience.

    As far as my post is concerned, I wouldn’t like to name it a French, Indian, Malaysian or any kiss for that matter! Stop obsessing on “french”…just focus on the kiss!!!

    • Amit September 29, 20126:46 pm

      I think I will stop here though i have a lot more related questions in mind. You have been politely replying to my dumb questions and I will not test your patience any more.

      Thanks a lot!

      • Guest September 29, 20128:02 pm

        Hey amit, it was fun trying to help u out : ) We all would love to hear some great “first-kiss” experience from u. Do let us know when it happens 🙂 🙂

        • Amit September 29, 20128:42 pm

          I am dying for that experience myself.. trust me.. will surely update here when I finally do manage.

          Wish me luck 🙂

          • Guest September 29, 20129:00 pm

            Little Amit plz don’t die ;0 heheheh. Shouldn’t u be focusing on studies???? ur kiss will happen wen it has to, alright! Good luck to u and ur girl.

            P:S – Remember point 1 and 4….. 🙂

            • Amit September 30, 201212:16 pm

              You dont understand the desperation of someone who now knows everything about it now but havent experienced it yet. How was the experience of YOUR first kiss? Did it work out as expected or was it a flop show?

              By the way, there is nothing ‘little’ about me.

              And you are right about point 4. That is the point which worries me the most.. what will she think?? 🙁

  • Vinita September 29, 20125:37 pm

    Hey, take a bow! Beautifully written article.

    Only a lady could write an article of this depth and I am so happy that an Indian lady has shown guts in a society like ours to write such an article.

    I could visualize each and every part while reading it. Traits of a passionate writer. I am especially impressed with your boldness that comes across in a few sections.

    Keep it up. Will keep checking this blog to read your next article.

  • Guest September 29, 20127:57 pm

    Hi Vinita, I really appreciate ur comments. Thanks a ton! I would love to read some of ur posts as well. Do let me know where i can view some: ) Im working on my next article, and u shud able to read it here soon!

    Happy weekend : )

  • Yogesh & Binu September 30, 20129:38 am

    Hey, thank u for a wonderful post. I and Binu have been married for close to 1.5 yrs now. We read this post together and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I would like to share two cents of our experience..

    For us a kiss almost always crosses three stages. At start, its more romantic.. With our hands slowly caressing the partners head and back of neck.. Then the kiss starts moving towards being more passionate and our hands start moving at all the right places.. Finally the kiss moves to the erotic zone……

    For us the kiss is always a long affair.. It is the most sensual part of our foreplay and we cannot emphasise more on the importance of doing it right.

    Your post will guide a lot of starters and experienced people alike in learning how to kiss in the right way.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Guest October 3, 20126:24 pm

      Hi Yogesh & Binu! So glad to read ur comment 🙂 I’m happy u guys read this together and most importantly, enjoyed it!! I hope many more couples like you do the same and rediscover the fun and beauty of kissing. Cheers!

  • Kirti September 30, 20125:12 pm

    Ma bf wantz to kiss me but i have been resisting.. m afraid if i allow him to kiss, he may not stop at that.. what do i do.. i myself want him to kiss me..

    • Guest October 3, 20126:02 pm

      Hey Kirti, ur relationship is best know only to u! In this case, i guess u just need to trust your intuition and of course follow ur mind (not heart). If you eventually do agree to let him kiss, make sure he “happens” to read this post 🙂 all the best!

  • Nisarg September 30, 20128:04 pm

    Cool article!!

  • Vidhi October 1, 20124:03 pm

    i am going to make my husband read this.. he needs to read something like this.. huge scope for improvement 😉


    • Guest October 3, 20126:04 pm

      Vidhi, i seriously hope this helps ur husband, and ultimately u! ;0

  • Swaminathan Iyer October 2, 20129:11 am

    A kiss is no kiss if it ends at just a kiss..

  • Bhavika October 2, 20127:50 pm

    Hey, you’ve explained well how to kiss but you’ve explained it in a very mechanical way.. there is much more to kissing then physical contact of lips.. it would really make the write-up much more interesting if you could add another perspective to it of emotions, passion, feelings and the overall feeling of arousal and excitement..

    though a good article even without it.

    • Guest October 3, 20126:19 pm

      Hi Bhavika, thanks for ur honest comment. We all know that there is so much more to kissing then what’s mentioned in this post. However, it stands a chance to take this post to a level, which i consciously want to avoid. This article is just a small attempt or a rough guideline to help freshers, and experienced ppl alike 🙂 Thanks again

  • Nisha October 2, 20129:42 pm

    Your article was beautiful and very informative!
    Didn’t think somebody would have so many ways to explain something I didn’t even give a thought to!i’m sure kissing is going to be more fun now,all thanks to you!

    • Guest October 3, 20126:07 pm

      Hey Nisha, I hope ur fun lasts longer than this article does! hehe wish u luck

  • Reshma October 3, 20126:44 pm

    Kudos!!! Way to go girl! 😉 *huggggggg*

  • Priya Ranjan Prakash December 9, 20122:00 am

    LOL….I came to this article while researching for best Demat a/c providers, by seeing u in the list as one of most commenters, clicked ur profile and saw ur contribution..

    I had a perception that this site is all about taxes, investments finances etc. Was wondered to see your article.

    btw nice article, i could not read it every part completely, because not interested in it for now at least *facepalm*

    But, will read it again before going to the that Very First Kiss…:) 😀 \m/

    • Guest December 10, 201212:03 pm

      All i read in ur comment was “btw nice article”. Thanks tax boy/girl 🙂


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