How to protect skin from cold weather

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Skin Care in Cold Weather

When the weather gets cold, –even in places that are super hot during the summer, – most of us find ourselves yearning for warmer days. When the snow begins to fall and then pile up, it seems like spending a day at the beach is a far off fantasy that may never happen again. While a few people may enjoy the chill in the air and the ice on the ground, most of us are counting the days until next summer. But it’s important to change our habits for the new season even while we wait for the next one to come. This means taking out our old winter coats, getting the shovels out of the shed, and sometimes putting snow chains on the cars. It also means making some adjustments to your beauty routine. Cold weather has an impact on our skin and hair, as well as our clothing and health. If you want to keep your skin healthy during the winter, make sure you are protecting it. Below are some tips for protecting your skin from cold weather.

COLD WEATHER TIP#1 – Use plenty of moisturizer

Though you should be using moisturizer on your skin – both on your face and body – all year round, it becomes particularly important when it is cold outside. You may notice your skin getting drier and your lips getting chapped. Take extra care of them as they face the harsh elements. Switch from your summer moisturizer to something heavier and thicker. Apply it every time you shower or wash your face and/or hands. If you’ve washed it, moisturize it. Period. Carry some around for an emergency fix for unexpected dry patches.

COLD WEATHER TIP #2 – Drink a lot of water

Once again, you should be drinking a lot of water all year, not just in the winter. But it is especially important when you are going outside into cold winds every day. Drinking a lot of water will keep your skin moist, and is also good for the rest of your body. Aim for eight glasses a day, and remember that there’s no such thing as too much!

COLD WEATHER TIP #3 – Exfoliate daily

Exfoliation is a big part of achieving great, beautiful, clear skin. You need to wash away the dry skin cells so that you can replace them with new ones. This is especially true in the winter when it gets cold, and your skin tends to be drier. Aim for a gentle but still effective exfoliator. You can try dampening a washcloth and rubbing it on your face after you’ve washed it with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil.

COLD WEATHER TIP #4 – Don’t forget the SPF

Even when it’s cold outside, you need to protect your skin from the sun, which can inflict a lot of damage. Make sure that the moisturizer that you buy to use in the morning includes an SPF of at least a 30 level. (There’s nothing wrong with having it in your nighttime moisturizer too, but since you won’t be going outside after applying it, it’s not necessary.)

COLD WEATHER TIP #5 – Sleep tight

There’s a reason they call it a “beauty rest sleep is always necessary for the health of your skin. Make sure you get at least eight hours a night so that your skin be luminous and beautiful!

These are some basic steps to take to improve the quality of your skin in the winter. Make sure you take the time to do these steps before you start spending money on expensive products and procedures! You will see a difference in no time.

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