How to Protect Your Hair During Straightening

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Since their popularity began in the 1990’s there are few people who could even consider being able to finish and style their hair without a pair of their trusty irons. In fact, it would be now unheard of to walk into a hair salon which didn’t have and make regular use of the implements and it’s now estimated that a third of women use straighteners as part of a regular beauty routine.

There is concern though that prolonged and regular use of hair straighteners, especially the brands which exceed temperatures of over 200 degrees can have a devastating effect on hair and cause long term damage including fading of colour, loss of vitality and breakage as well as increasing the likelihood of split ends.

Now this news isn’t intended to make you hang up your GHD’s for good and there’s no reason why, with the right care, that you shouldn’t continue to enjoy the ease and style which your straighteners can give you:

The Big Tip

The biggest issue is that over straightening, where people are using their irons more than once a day every day is effectively scorching the hair and killing it. Therefore the biggest tip for lovers of their straighteners is to try and cut down on their use of them. It stands to reason really that the less you use them the less damage they can do to your hair. Professionals recommend straightening once every three days and working with the style that gives for the days in between.

If your reason for straightening is because your hair is either curly or wavy and you have to straighten to maintain the style then why not consider a chemical straightening, which will not only reduce the amount of damage you’re doing in the long run but also the amount of time you spend with the irons in hand.

However these methods aren’t for everyone and if you want to continue your love affair with your straighteners whilst protecting your hair, you can do so in five simple steps.

Hair Straighteners

Four Steps to Healthy Straightening

Step 1

Make sure that you wash and condition your hair well. Since the heat of the straighteners will dry out your hair then it’s up to you to put as much hydration back in as you can. A leave in conditioner which you spray onto wet hair straight after shampooing can give great protection

Step 2

Use a heat protection spray or serum before you straighten. Most of these are made from silicone and the layer of silicone then acts as a barrier between the irons and your hair to ensure that the heat can’t penetrate the outer layer.

Step 3

Wherever possible, keep the heat of your straighteners as low as possible and only increase the heat if you really need to.

Step 4

Straightening only the top layers or portion of your hair means that you take half the time, get the full effect but only use half the heat and do half of the damage. This method also means that the volume of the lower layers remains giving you salon bouncy hair.

About the Author: Lisa Maxwell has an interest in current affairs and blogs on hair accessories, hair straighteners and celebrities.

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