How To Store Your Memorabilia The Right Way

People collect items for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is for the memory an item evokes. Some people also collect things, such as vases, old coins, stamps, etc. because they want to complete a set or a collection, while there are those who simply collect things in the hopes of using or selling them in the future. Whatever the reason may be, it is important that these memorabilia be stored the right way. Below are some tips for storing memorabilia properly.

Use Folders

If you are collecting cards made by your children or sent to you by people, then keep them in folders. There are folders that have dividers, and the best thing about them is that you can keep the cards in separated piles. For example, one plastic folder insert is for cards made by your kids, another insert for cards sent by one family, and so on.

Folders will also work very well for drawings and paper artwork made by your children or love letters you have received. This can keep the papers flat and, at the same time, protect them from creases and wrinkles.

Use Boxes and Plastic Bins

If what you are collecting are big and bulky things, then use boxes and plastic bins. Say for example that you collect hats, then these containers can not only help keep their shape, but they can also protect them from dust and grime accumulation.

Boxes and plastic bins are also perfect for photos, awards, comic books, playing cards, CDs and DVDs, stuffed toys, among others. If you need more compartments, then you can simply purchase dividers that you can place inside the box. This way, you can organize the contents better.

Use Display Cabinets

If you have a passion for ceramic figurines, vases, colored glasses, dolls, salt and pepper shakers, shot glasses, for example, then why not display them properly inside display cabinets? You can even have lights installed inside the display cabinets to showcase your collection better as well as locks to prevent your children from getting to them. Display cabinets allow you to enjoy our collection without worrying that they will get damaged.

Too Many Things, Too Little Space

If your collection is becoming too numerous to keep inside the house or if your collection is too big that they are taking up a lot of space inside your home, then think of renting a storage unit instead. Not only can you safely store your precious collections there, but you can also rest assured that you can visit and view them anytime you want to.

When storing them at a storage facility though, you have to prepare them properly. For example, you want to store your antique dining table set or living room set there, then make sure that you cover them with drape clothes. This can help keep dust and grime away. If the storage facility is prone to flooding, then it is wise to place pallets or crates that you can set the furniture on. This can help raise the floor and prevent your antiques from getting flooded. See to it, too, that you place a thick plastic cover between the furniture as well as the crates to create some sort of a water barrier.

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Jennifer Daehn is a writer for DIY and craft blogs. Hobbies can take up a lot of space, so she recommends renting a storage facility such as US Storage Centers where you can safely store your collection.

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