Keep Calm And Stay Chic: How To Store Out-of-Season Clothing And Shoes

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For those of us who live in regions where we experience four different seasons throughout the year, it can be quite challenging to update our wardrobe and keep our closet organized. Among the things you need to do is pack up out-of-season clothes and swap it with clothes that are in season.

Do not let your out-of-season clothing and shoes clog up your closet throughout the year. The best option is to store your seasonal items. In doing so, you can save more space and keep your closet clean and updated. Closet storage and organization project won’t be difficult if you know how to properly store your items, and if you have the right tools on hand. Here are a few tips for storing your out-of-season clothes and shoes the right way.

Tips For Packing And Storing Seasonal Clothes

Donate Or Throw Away Unused Items: The first thing you need to do is evaluate your current wardrobe. Determine which clothing and shoes you haven’t used for a long time. The pieces you have not worn throughout the year are less likely to get worn next year either. This means that these pieces are taking up valuable space in your closet. Now is the best time to filter your wardrobe and simplify it. With that said, you need to set aside the items you wish to throw away or donate.

Wash Before Storing: Before you decide to store your clothes, you first have to wash the pieces of clothing. Keep in mind that small amounts of food or soil can stain your clothes; thus, failing to remove them will ruin your clothes. More importantly, these substances can attract insects. It is also a good idea to wash your fabric storage bags before putting your clothes in. Doing so will remove dust and other unsavory substance that got stored inside.

Use The Right Storage Solution: There are various ways you can store your clothes and shoes. Here are a few options you can take into account:

  • Plastic Storage Bins: You can use plastic storage bins with lids for your folded clothes. You can use this storage solution for sweaters, blouses, or for your accessories. All you have to do is neatly fold your clothes and pack the bins loosely. You need to allow your clothes to have enough space to breathe as well as to avoid creasing the pieces inside.
  • Old Comforter Packages: Using your comforter packages is a very practical and cost-effective choice. These packages are very functional since it keeps dust away and you can easily identify what is stored inside them.
  • Mod-Podged Suitcases: This is a very stylish storage solution. It comes in various colors and style that can showcase your charm and personality. However, this option is more than stylish; it is also very practical since it makes packing, moving, and storing much easier.

When storing your shoes, you need to make sure that they are all clean and dry. If you need to store your leather shoes, you need to polish and waterproof them before putting them into storage. Lastly, you need to store each pair of shoes in a box; as a tip, you need to store them in their original box. Do not place your shoes inside a plastic bin or cardboard box.

Look For A Well-Protected And Ventilated Storage Area: Your out-of-season clothes must be stored in a cool, dry, and dark area. As a tip, you can consider storing your seasonal clothes and shoes in a self-storage facility. The companies offering self-storage can ensure the protection and security of your belongings. In addition, the climate inside the storage unit is controlled; thus, your items won’t be exposed to extreme moisture and temperature.

This guest post is written by Kris Bennette. She is a blogger for lifestyle websites where she offers closet organization tips and tricks. She advises her readers to store their out-of-season clothes in a secured self-storage facility, such as US Storage Centers.

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