Planning a Europe trip? – 5 things you should know but no one will tell you

Europe is a beautiful continent and a tourist haven. The continent attracts tourist from all over the world and remains the most visited continent in the world. If you are planning on a Europe trip, we are sure that you will have a time of your life. However, you need to take care of certain things.

Following are the 5 basic and most important things to take care of before going to Europe.
Avoid being tightfisted
European countries are developed and hence you will see that everything is priced high but provide world class standards of products and services. If you want to really enjoy your European sojourn, then being miserly and penny crunching will not let you achieve the level of enjoyment. Your pockets have to be kept wide open. Please don’t skip seeing the Mona Lisa painting because an entry fee to the Louvre museum is high or going on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Visiting Europe can be a once in your lifetime opportunity, though we hope you could go there again and again so just to be sure, enjoy your first trip open heartedly by spending as if there is no tomorrow. The first time is also very special.
Don’t be excessive on travel
Ok, so you are excited about your Europe trip and want to cover as many places as possible and update your Facebook status to show off to your friends what you have achieved. But believe me, you will be on your biggest blunder ever. Don’t go on overkill. Focus on two to three places and explore those places to the full. No European country can be explored in a short time. Instead, focus on a particular city, calm down and relax in its heritage, culture and nightlife and enjoy the pleasant and peaceful experience.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
This quote is not for just the sake of it. Europeans are culturally refined and are quite mannered. They are quite congenial with the visitors but don’t take their cordiality for granted. The loud, arrogant and coarse Indian behavior will not be accepted at any cost in Europe. We have seen many faces being made at us Indians in Europe due our crude behavior. They just want simple etiquette and mannerisms.
• Don’t speak loudly as we do it in India outdoors in public places and transport
• Show some gentleness by holding the door for people behind you. Show respect for the ladies and elderly.
• Follow some refined table manners and don’t forget to push your seat back under the table at the restaurant
• Smile, say thank you for gratitude everywhere even for small things which we take granted for back home
Strolling anywhere on the street – Big no!
While back in India, you pride yourself in breaking basic traffic and pedestrian rules, be mindful that they take it very seriously in Europe. So just don’t jaywalk anywhere on the street, use sidewalks. Cross streets through marked pedestrian crossing near signal lights and only when it says ‘Go’. Oncoming traffic may not stop if the signal is on and mind it; the cars there are powerful than you think. You can’t even judge the speed with which they will approach you.
Finally, don’t forget to carry a voltage converter for your appliances and devices as the power output abroad can be lower than the 220V we get in India. While most electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets may not require a converter, moving, heating and cooling appliances like a razor, hair straightener will definitely require a converter. So having a 110V to 220V or 220V to 110V voltage converter is a wise thing to do when you travel to Europe. is one place where you will find all types of converters that you need.
We wish you a wonderful European travel and hope that you have the trip of a lifetime. Just ensure that you are well prepared and your most important appliances and devices work there properly.

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