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Company Reports – Free research reports for listed companies in India

November 27, 2012Grow Money


Leading brokerages keep publishing their research reports for companies listed on stock exchanges in India viz. BSE and NSE. These reports are available in public domain. Hence, I thought of compiling all these company reports in one single place. This way, all my readers can download any report they like anytime they like :) I will keep updatin... more ››

Save 5k using Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) – Sec 80CCG

November 16, 2012Save Money


(Updated 28 Dec'12) Tax payers were overjoyed when our Finance Minister, in his budget speech of 2012, announced a new avenue to save tax - by investing in direct equity. The announcement was ambiguous and lacking in detail. Hence, everyone new that they could save tax by investing in stock market but no one knew the modalities and restrictions. ... more ››

Best broker and best online trading account in India

October 15, 2012Grow Money


People have always been sceptical about trading, they say it is neither a profession nor a hobby for the masses. Only the smart and the wise can pull off the trick called Investment. Well, this notion itself is a myth! If a person can understand what is trading, know-how’s and the ground rules, he will be all set to play the dice on his own. Tradin... more ››

Best Demat Account Providers In India

September 4, 2012Grow Money, The Best


Best demat account in India More often than not, investing in stocks pays off handsomely. The idea is to think smart and invest wisely. You can either follow the herd or take some calculated risk and invest in shares that have a high resale value. However, without a proper demat account, you will find your stock trading experience a little cumbersome. We help you select the b... more ››