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Best time to buy online

Its sale time and the happiest time of the year for shopaholics to buy online! Come monsoons, stuff starts going on sale in India. That is one of the many reasons we adore our country so much! No matter which store you step into, huge placards and posters calling out “SALE!” catch your skimming eyes. Even if it is a 5% off sale, it suddenly seems t... more ››

Just heard – Amazon planning to expand into Fashion and Flipkart goes completely market-place

August 9, 2013Everything Else


A friend of mine who works at Amazon just told me that Amazon is planning to add a lot of new categories to their India site. Amazon India has started with electronic items. But in next 30-60 days, they are planning to add fashion items and accessories to their catalogue. They are also planning to get into home essentials, beauty and healthcare cat... more ››

Christmas Gifts – Best gifts for Christmas and New Year

November 26, 2012Spend Money (Wisely)


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Yes a very famous Christmas carol and also one that is perfect for this time of the year. The air has gone a bit chilly, shops have started putting out their Christmas decorations and that lovely feeling of festive spirit is around us. It’s a time for family gatherings and sweets, parties, Christmas tr... more ››

How to holiday like a star on a budget without being too cheap

How to holiday at a budget without being too cheap In this time and age where everything comes with a price tag, going away on a holiday can be bit of a problem. The biggest issue plaguing young and elderly couples alike is the issue of money. No trip, not even a domestic holiday is economical these days. So if this is the case with a holiday within your own country, it’s best not to talk about int... more ››

Best place to buy footwear: online

Buy Shoes Online What is it about shoes that drive most women crazy? Well, for starters their styles are ever-changing to make sure they stay up to date with current fashion trends. Shoes or most footwear for that matter, help accessorize different attires, giving people a more complete and appropriate look. For this reason, most women will agree that no matter how... more ››

How to Book Flight Tickets Online

All of us have, at some point in time or the other, planned meticulously for that perfect trip. Be it for business or for leisure, travelling has become an integral part of our daily lives. With global businesses and interconnected lives, the frequency with which we travel must have put even Alexander’s army in their prime at shame. But for all tho... more ››

Why you won’t miss bargaining while shopping online

Bargaining for discount It is not secret that Indians love to bargain. Some of the most popular shopping arcades around the country are those where shoppers can haggle with sellers and bring prices down to ensure buyer satisfaction. Discounts, coupons and offers elevate our love for shopping. Today the three magic words every girl wants to hear need not necessarily be ‘I ... more ››

The Best Place To Buy Hot Lingerie: ONLINE

Lingerie Shopping How do you like your lingerie? Are you a plain Jane who prefers virginal whites or as you a confident someone who dares to push the boundaries with materials like laces, trims and more? eCommerce accommodates all your whims and fancies with endless lingerie catalogues! Why shop online you say? Here’s why! Make it Hot with Tantalizing Lingerie Mos... more ››

Why shop online for Kids’ Clothes?

Kids shopping We bet you clearly remember your last shopping escapade for your little one’s clothes. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago and you can already see signs of the purchased attire bursting at the seams?  Yeah, seem like you’ll have to make another trip to the mall soon again. :| They are adorable little things, our children. However, it reaches a point ... more ››