Why you won’t miss bargaining while shopping online

Bargaining for discount

It is not secret that Indians love to bargain. Some of the most popular shopping arcades around the country are those where shoppers can haggle with sellers and bring prices down to ensure buyer satisfaction. Discounts, coupons and offers elevate our love for shopping. Today the three magic words every girl wants to hear need not necessarily be ‘I Love You’ but rather, ‘Sale Sale Sale!’

We all witness the tug-of-war our family members get into with the local grocery vendor, to save a hard earned rupee. Families tend to be at their wit’s end and cross the sound limits permissible in a flea market. All you can hear is buzz about negotiations.

However, you will find that people put on their best behaviour the moment they walk into a mall. It’s probably the mannequins donning high end brands and luxury items that perform certain sorcery to captivate shoppers and put them in a trance. It is a moment of irony as well as amusing to see a person who has the ability to tear a shopkeeper apart if he dupes her or him, succumbing to the sight of “mall rates”.

Bargaining for discountMarketing magnets and bigwigs found this behaviour odd and were dumbfounded for years. They could not come up with a solution to tap into purses and wallets. And one fine day it hit them; bargainers aka value-seekers were not keen on buying branded goods. They were proud of their bargaining skill and flaunted them in a crowded market. They wanted to boast about the profits made or the ‘money saved’ with the help of their screeching voices.

Brand is important, but the value seekers find the price tag more important and influential. Cultured and class driven places are simply avoided by bargainers as they need to remain hushed. There is no way they would boldly ask ‘dene ka bhau bolo na’.

As soon as this concept was understood, marketers started offering brands on discounts. Since technology is married to convenience, they gave birth to discount coupons. Discount coupons have not long been on the scene, but they definitely have made a huge difference to a bland shopping experience. With discount coupons available online, you can even save a precious rupee or more when shopping online.

With discounts and coupons being showered everyday, you can make merry. Buying the best brands costs nothing more than switching on the computer. Moreover, websites provide you with the best experience no other shop ever did. Apart from consumer items, spas and restaurants also accept coupons. What more you say? You need not raise your voice to negotiate prices.  With discount coupons you can shop and still not drop with the exhaustion of running between different stores.

One of the best things about online shopping with or without coupons is that you can choose to pay in any way that is convenient for you. Whether it is through debit card, credit card or cash on delivery, this is a win-win situation for everyone.

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