The Importance Of Colours In Clothing

When you are choosing clothes there is more to base your decision then just trying to pick the right cut to suit your body type. Colour is really important part of clothes because it plays an important part on how the clothes make us look and appear to other people. It can even influence the way we feel.

Here are some top tips to help you understand why it is important to pay attention to colour when you are shopping for clothes.

Some Colours Suit You Better Than Others

First, it is important you understand the fact that some colours actually suit you better than others. This is often due to the differences in skin tone and even the eye colour can make some colours seem more natural on you than others.

Woman’s Day divides the skin tones to broadly two types: the warm tones and the cool tones. It is best to look at your skin tone in natural light and find out which one your skin radiates more. Broadly speaking cool toned people look better in blue-based colours while warm toned people should opt for yellow-based options.

Keep in mind that colours come in various shades and thus you don’t need to necessarily stop wearing yellow, for instance, altogether but rather just find the right shade of yellow to suit your characteristics better.

Colours Are Full Of Symbolism

Throughout time colours have been full of symbolism. For instance, in most cultures blue colour is associated with baby boys while pink is often the colour given to baby girls. These sorts of symbolisms and meanings for colour are found all around society.

In western countries white is a colour for purity and often associated with brides, while in Japan white is used at funerals. In Islamic culture the colour green has very special meaning.

Can Change Your Mood And Confidence

When you wear certain colours it can really influence your mood. For instance, green can make you feel calmer and really soothe your nerves. If you are looking for a boost to your confidence you should wear red, as it is a colour which attracts a lot of attention and makes you feel more confident about yourself.

This makes it really important that you always have a lot of different colours in your wardrobe. It is a nice way to make you feel better and more energetic and it all is done by just wearing a certain coloured shirt or kaftan.

Influence The Impression You Give To Others

Because colours in clothes can so deeply influence you they can also influence the way other people see you. For instance, wearing green you might be much more approachable to other people than if you wear red. White and black on the other hand make people view you as a professional and thus they are great colours to wear to work.

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